Whispering Cat Photography is the online presence of David Millier.

I’m an amateur enthusiast photographer who had been plodding away at traditional film photography since my early teens. I was always desperately keen but the dabbling didn’t really achieve significant technical or artistic satisfaction. Film photography and darkroom work requires skills more advanced that I had, despite a lot of struggling with the Zone system.

Thankfully in 2000, I discovered Norman Koren’s excellent website on digital photography. This was the ‘aha’ moment when, in all honesty, I consider I got properly started in photography, and the previous 25 years doesn’t really count!  A big thank you to Norman for introducing me to digital.

I don’t have any major (or minor) international salon successes to quote, as is traditional in these bios, and I  have never bothered much with photo competitions. I did manage runner up in Practical Photography/Digital Photo magazine “Around the World” competition. I’ve also made the shortlist 3 times for the Take-a-view Landscape Photographer of the Year competition – which apparently isn’t so impressive as it sounds, but is still mildly satisfying.

I  live in south London on the border with Kent in the UK.