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Luminous landscape

  • Falling in love with shooting the landscape (Keep it simple!) Josh Reichmann
    If you’ve recently taken up landscape photography or you’re aware that a refresher of inspiration is in order perhaps these tips and thoughts will be of interest. In my practice, I can forget how to a …
  • A Tale of Two Fujis Part II – The X-Pro 3 Dan Wells
    The X-Pro 3 is the most “Fujifilm” in philosophy of any camera I have ever used, and it is a camera that makes you want to go out and shoot with it. It’s not perfect, nor will it probably serve as any …
  • A Tale of Two Fujis Part I – Introduction and the GFX 100 Dan Wells
                      Fujifilm is one of the most interesting players in the camera market in early 2020. They always march to their own drum – skipping the popular full-frame sensors entirely, while push …

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