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Luminous landscape

  • Jeremiah Barber follow-up: Stormchaser nicktaylor
    In this follow-up to our video piece with Southern Utah photographer Jeremiah Barber, we explore his lightning photography, as well as the incredible waterfalls that spring up – and then just as quick …
  • Bringing Xenon Flash to the Adaptalux Studio Sam Granger
    Publisher’s Note: On occasion, The Luminous Landscape sees fit to support and promote unique or useful photographic technologies and campaigns by small start-ups and individuals. The terrain of new ca …
  • Portraits of Trees and Plants By Roberto Vámos Robert Vamos
    In 1971, Dr. Seuss created the Lorax, an absolutely fascinating character who speaks one line that has stuck with me, and which I repeat to myself on an almost daily basis as a mantra: “I am the Lorax …

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