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Luminous landscape

  • Profile: The Relentless Jessica Eaton Mark Mann
    Jessica Eaton has a problem: people always want to know how she makes her photographs, but few are capable of understanding the explanation. The Montreal-based artist has been working in the arcane re …
  • Seitz Roundshot VR Drive II Review Les Palenik
    In this article, I will review the VR Drive II panoramic system using the practical examples and experience I gained from using it in various situations. Due to space considerations, I will not cover …
  • Midnight Rainbow #1: Coronado by Ralph Upchurch Midnight Rainbow
    My wife and I were exploring the high country north of Santa Fe back in 2004.  Near Dixon, NM, we spotted a dirt track that hugged the crest of a ridge as it snaked off into the wilderness.  Although …

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