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Unibind thermal binding for photo albums

9 March 2009 What to do with those prints For many people, the rise of digital has breathed new life into photography, especially for keen amateurs. It’s not just the hi tech gear or low shot-to-shot costs but also the ease of editing using programs like Photoshop and the convenience of desktop printing using inkjets. […]

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The Great 14MP Shootout – Sigma SD14 vs Kodak 14nx

Words and scans by David Millier, images shot by and © Erik Muehlberger Intro The Foveon X3 sensor based DSLR range from Sigma provides the only current alternative to the ubiquitous Bayer Colour Filter Array sensor type that is used in just about every digital camera.  The Foveon sensor has its photosites arranged in 3 colour […]

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