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One Response to “ Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 – In the field handling: first impressions at Dungeness”

  1. Rodger Scott says:

    I have been using the FZ1000 for over 4 years now. I got one as soon as they were released. I use it predominantly for wildlife and would recommend you set the camera up as follows:

    Use the lever for the zoom, the ring is too slow. Keep the ring for manual focus. There’s no alternative, unlike the zoom. However with MF you can set up a back button focus, I use the F3 button for that and that will give you a one touch AF when in MF. I find that very useful.

    Keep the camera in M mode and you’ll only have to worry about changing the shutter speed. The F number goes up quickly from F2.8 at wide angle, so basically treat it as a 400mm F4 lens. Therefore only SS and ISO to worry about. In tricky, or changing light you can set the ISO to auto, or you can go to iA for those conditions. I wouldn’t leave the ISO on auto in M, as I find that it will cause overexposure in good light.

    I find 400mm is not long enough for my needs and use the extra optical zoom, which if you set the camera to 10mp will give 560mm and at 5mp will give 800mm EFL.

    With auto focus, I always use the centre pointed AF square. For birds in flight I enlarge that square quite a bit, as it makes it easier to keep the bird in the AF area. For larger subjects, such as you might find on a safari, the square should be pretty small.

    I could add a lot more, but the above are some of my basics and if you want to, you can experiment with them and see if they work for you. I’m happy to help with any queries you have.



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