New gallery – Long exposure monochrome UK coast

October 6, 2018 by David

New gallery uploaded.

This gallery features images I made as part of a personal project.

I decided it would be interesting to visit a coastal location every week and shoot some long exposure images.

I started the project near my home at the Swanscombe peninsula, Dartford in the River Thames as it widens into an estuary. Each week I would make my way gradually around the coast moving east, then south. I used Google maps to identify interesting locations with structures suitable for this type of long exposure work.

I got as far as Hayling Island in Portsmouth Harbour. I was mainly doing this in between dropping my daughter at primary school and picking her up in the afternoon. This gave me about 6 hours per trip and the thought of being late was certainly a motivator to get on with it.  Hayling represented the limit of my range but I added in some other shots from extra trips outside the main series.

This gallery is only part one – I intend to carry on with the project, and in theory go all around the British coast (an unlikely ambition, I suspect).

Long exposure monochrome UK coast gallery

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